Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Online advertising revenue is now approaching 50 Billion dollars in annual revenue. PPC (pay-per-click) and Display Advertising is a proven method to drive new customers to your online brand or business.

If not done properly, online advertising can result in a waste of money. At Wire My Web, we can build an effective pay-per-click campaign for your business, which involves researching the most relevant and best priced keywords, creating unique ads, targeting ad campaigns by demographics, tracking, and optimizing the performance of your ad campaign.

The Process

  1. Research Your Competitors
    What are you competitors spending? What are their budgets. What landing page strategies are they using to convert new customers? We answer these questions and more.
  2. Identify Ad Strategies
    What keywords and approaches are working for your competitors? What niches are they using, or haven’t yet found? What geographic locations should you target? What demographics does your audience consist of?
  3. Search, Mobile, Display, Video
    Find your audience? Are they on mobile devices? Are they watching a lot of video? Are they members of any social networks? Target them where they are.
  4. Optimize, Optimize
    Once you understand who and where your audience is, then refine your messaging by tracking what’s working, and then continuing identify new niches, while expelling negative and costly keywords.
  5. Analytics
    The key increasing conversions is leverages all available data on a consistent, and if possible automated fashion.