Growth Graph on Blackboard


At WireMyWeb, we look at analytics as being much more than gathering web reports and site metrics for simply looking the performance of your site. Sure, these things are important, but it’s how you use this information that is critical to you success.

We are experienced in tracking events, and conversions, as well as the keywords that are bringing people to your site. We use our analysis of this data ?to optimize your marketing activities. The focus is not on just getting traffic to your site, but rather an actually achieving your marking goals. Traffic is not important in and off itself, it has to be the right kind of users — more specifically, you want customers coming to your site.

We use ?analytics analyze how a given campaign has performed. For example, how many people did your newspaper ad drive to your website and the phone. Of the total number of calls and visitors, how many conversions did you get. And how are you defining a conversion?

We use the answers to these questions to decide how to move forward and continually improve on your results, setting new priorities and allocating resources to help to achieve the your success online.