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Challenges and Changes in SEO

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Long gone are the days when you could stuff your meta tags with keywords and get search engine ranking. Then link spamming came along, which went the way of the dodo as well. Try either one of these practices today and you will be driven down the list of results rather than up. For those who are working to developing SEO strategies, these few methods are paying dividends: Keyword density: keyword density is far less important than it was a few years ago when the gurus of the SEO industry recommended a 3% to 6% keyword density. Today, the percentile is not as important as it once was. These same experts recommended that keywords be highlighted, or they be used in sub-headings; once again, these tactics do not carry the same weight. Keywords are still important but for different reasons. Multimedia: Audio and video web presentations are increasingly becoming a valuable way to gain rankings in search engines. Although it takes time, by launching a quality podcast every week or so, it will help in building a solid reputation. High-quality videos with excellent content generate a ton of back links, even more so when you have gained a reputation for excellence. Low quality links are out: No longer do SEO links from article marketing sites carry much weight. A load of articles sent to EzineArticles won

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